“Go Do Your Destiny!”
bryony records

bryony records

Hello there, welcome!
My name is bryony and I'm a musician.
I've been performing, making music and writing poetry for years and years.
And now I'm on this platform to find supporters to record my music! Finally ready, because; Late Bloomer...
Here you can join my support group, read my blog and stay updated on my latest musical adventures.

Insta handle: bryony_thesingerpoet

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For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to record my own album.
With 25 original songs, the material is all there. If only I had as much budget as I do songs...
Here is your chance to support an original artist, by donating you will directly contribute to the making of my debut album!

Record Debut Single

Help me achieve my dream

Record Debut Single

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Releasing a new DYI recording of my material online each month.

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